Monday, May 26, 2014


धैर्य यस्य पिता क्षमा च जननी शान्ति: चिरं गेहिनी सत्यं सूनु: अयं दया च भगिनी भ्राता मन:संयम: | शय्या भूमितलं दिश: अपि वसनं ज्ञानामॄतं भोजनम् एते यस्य कुटुम्बिन: वद सखे कस्माद् भयं योगिन: ||
A person for whom courage is his father, forgiveness (KshmA) is his mother, calmful mind is his wife, Truth is his son, compassion is his sister and control of mind is his brother. And for whom this earth is a bed, the directions (dishA) like the cloths and the knowledge is his food. When all these make up his family then for which thing will that person be scared of?
What else will the person need to overcome the challenges that may face him in his life?

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