Monday, May 26, 2014

Best speeches can change hearts and minds, Accept Yourself...

Best speeches can change hearts and minds, Accept Yourself...

Students are the only section beyond all castes, religion, Language barriers. Student power is that it can change fates of nations. Each and every student is Like fire. Only fire has the power to burn anything that comes into its contact. If all these fires join together India will became a raging fire.

What does India Lack? Everything is there.

One India is equal to 72 Singapore.

One India is equal 15 England.

One India is equal to 4 Pakistan.

One India is equal to 3 Americas in population. American population is 28 crores. India's population is 110 crores.

When there is a Edison, BiII Gates Abraham LincoIn for just 28 crores.For 110 crores...No need of 3 BiII gates. There's not even one here.

Why? Because Abraham Lincon who was a cobbler became the President of America. I don't know how many Abraham Lincons are still mending shoes here. Why couldn't we achieve that?

Money! Money is responsible for everything. After aII even in a game... Bribe is involved.

Every country would be achieving to win medals in Olympics. But we Indians are yearning to see at least our name in the medal List.

Why? Don't we've talented people here? We've many times over.

When they were wandering tribes, we ran Governments here.

When they didn't have a Language. We had many poets here.

Why isn't that growth here now? Money! Bribe!

He's taking bribe to give others. Someone else is taking bribe to give him.

OnIy students have the power to stop all this rot.

This isn't a struggle between officers and students. But this is a struggle between students and students.

It isn't compulsory that a politician or a terrorist should be a student. But an officer should definitely be a student. They were students.

But we all are future officers. Only we are going to become TahsiIdars, SP's Collectors in future. We have to decide how our society shout be. Vande Mataram.. Jai Hind..

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