Monday, May 26, 2014

Bambu is My Friend...

Bambu is My Friend...
Bambu is my Friend because it has nothing concealed inside. Bamboo is my teacher, because its gives good lesson to me how to live…and how to be..
(1) Bend but don't break. Be flexible yet firmly rooted.. Their foundation is solid even though they move and sway harmoniously with the wind, never fighting against it.. go-with-the-natural-flow attitude is one of the secrets for success
(2) Remember: What looks weak is strong…The body of a single bamboo tree is not large by any means …but they are strong and stand tall in extreme weather…remember the words..Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size do you? be careful not to underestimate anybody in your life..
(3) Be always ready.."The warrior, like bamboo, is ever ready for action." to act for any situation...
(4) Unleash your power to spring back..The bamboo endured the heavy burden of the snow, but in the end it had to power to spring back as if to say "I will not be defeated... believe yourself no body can defeat you..
(5) Find wisdom in emptiness..It is said that in order to learn, the first step is to empty ourselves of our preconceived notions. we have to be open to that which is new and different. When you empty your mind of your prejudices and pride and fear, you become open to the possibilities.
(6) Commit to (continuous) growth...It does not matter who you are — or where you are — remember today, you have amazing potential for the growth of the bamboo ..The bamboo grows fastest around the rainy season .. but is slower at other times.. How fast or how slow is not our main concern, only that we're moving forward
(7) Express usefulness through simplicity.. we spend a lot of our time trying to show how smart we are, perhaps to convince others — and ourselves — that we are worthy of their attention and praise…"The bamboo in its simplicity expresses its usefulness…be quite calm and simple like bamboo..
Nature is always gives lessons how to live..only we need to open your with will be happy in your whole life..

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