Monday, May 26, 2014

Concept of Science: "The only truth is what Science can prove"...

Concept of Science: "The only truth is what Science can prove"...

Many people believe that science is the the only route, to truth about the natural world. We are misunderstandings the value of scientific knowledge, the product of scientific work. "Truth" -- is neither the goal, nor the product, nor any part of the process of scientific work. 

The root meaning of the word "science" is "to know," a word meaning "to learn" or "to explore" might have been more appropriate. Improving the various aspects of our knowledge, and the tools we use to advance it, is what science seems to be all about.

For example, the Earth used to be the center of the Universe. Then we learned that the Earth was revolving around the Sun. Later we learned that the Sun and Earth together were revolving around center of our local galaxy (part of which we see as the Milky Way). These days we know that there are countless other galaxies. How can knowledge that is completely correct -- keep changing all the time?

Another example:
Max well's equations for electromagnetism claim that physics was finished — nothing of real importance remained to be explained. But When Einstein's two amazing theories the Special and General Theories of Relativity, along with quantum mechanics, emerged as the new physics.

Progress of knowledge is obviously quite wonderful is it may be in science or any subject, but what we currently believe about any particular aspect will change tomorrow.. So don't believe that science produces or approximates truth. Scientific research is very good at improving our understanding of the natural world. Still we must have to understand that human beings are capable of seeing less than 1% of creation and that 99% is invisible.

So, Science doesn't 'prove' anything, it tells us what is most likely to be true according to what we can observe through scientific method and provides evidence which support conclusions about particular research.

Scientific knowledge is never perfectly true, but science gets closer and closer to the truth by Collecting more and more evidence. we have no way at all to measure the probability that a particular theory will someday be revised.

Many people still believe that scientific knowledge is simply true. Scientific knowledge being true as far as it goes, but incomplete; or when we say that scientific knowledge gets more and more likely to be correct, but we can never really be certain that it is true. Science is not a defective process that should produce truth.

So we have to change our understanding, or our measuring instrument that science is the the only route, to truth about the natural world.

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